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ARMA Euro X Games Video

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Dew Tour Breckenridge Starts Today!

2012 Winter Dew Tour is underway and our soldiers are on the battle grounds. Alexis Godbout skiing (Ski Slopestyle) Matt Margetts (Ski Superpipe) David Wise (Ski Superpipe) and Matt Ladley (Snowboard Superpipe). You can catch all the madness this weekend online and on NBC. Here is a link to the streaming and TV schedule.

Check below for a full schedule of this weeks events!
[Read more...]

Matt Ladley Advances To Grand Prix Finals

ARMA’s Matt Ladley qualified 2nd in his heat yesterday in Copper Mountain for this years US Grand Prix Of Snowboarding. This comes as a surprise to many as 2 days before his qualifying run Ladley took a serious fall breaking his wrist. Basically Matt is a stallion when compared to the rest of the young bucks he’s competing against as It takes some serious focus, determination and confidence to go out and compete with 1 plate and 13 fresh pins pulsating in your wrist. All of of us here at ARMA want to congratulate Matt on qualifying 2nd and stacking those TTR points that he needed for the Snowboard World Championships in Oslo, Norway.

Below you’ll find a first hand story pulled form Matt’s new website of what exactly he went through while dealing with his broken wrist… [Read more...]

US Grand Prix Starts Today

This week you’ll find ARMA winter athletes competing in the first major snow event of the season, the US Grand Prix. Skiers Matt Margetts and David Wise will be boosting the pipe while snowboarder Matt Ladley will be rooting them on from the deck due to his unfortunate broken wrist he recieved yesterday in practice.

If you’re in the Copper Mountain area swing by and root for the guys! Hope to see you there!

Below you’ll find a breakdown of each days events that will hopefully entice you to bundle up and head to Copper Mountain…

[Read more...]